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  1. Harold
  2. Volunteer
  3. Recipient
As the Body of Christ, we know our Lord wants us to share His gospel with the spiritually needy in this world. And just as we saw Jesus feeding people before He taught them, to clear the distraction of physical needs, Southeastern Food Bank empowers us to do the same. To Orange Ave., Southeastern Food Bank is a crucial partner in this Kingdom expanding ministry.
If ever there is a need for [Southeastern Food Bank], it is now. When I go to volunteer, I am overwhelmed at the number of vehicles that come from surrounding counties to pick-up food boxes for distribution in their area.
I was given a hot meal and a facilitator talked to us about the Lord. I loved hearing about Jesus. I still do. I have learned to allow God room to work in my life, and the change in my life has been quite remarkable... I am proof positive that  our Lord will forgive us, bless us, and guide us if we just let Him.

-Partnering Pastor


- Recipient

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